About Us

What is MealSavvy?

MealSaavy offers the best college meal plan via the MealSaavy app on your phone where food is sourced from your favorite restaurants around campus. Think of it as Cal Dining but more economical, with more variety and better quality food.

How does it work?

Users can sign up for a meal plan through the app “MealSaavy” available both at iphone and Android phones. Once the user signs up, they have access to menu items from the best restaurants mostly within walking distance from class and halls. Users can simply place an order in the app and get immediate feedback on when they can pick up their food. Since the user is a subscriber, the cost of the food is included in the subscription fee, so no extra payment is required. All you have to do is pick up the order and let your taste buds have a good time.

What is the MealSaavy Meal Plan and How does that work?

MealSaavy meal plan is the best plan available in the marketplace today. You can get restaurant quality food (Not fast food restaurant), for less than 5 dollars a meal. You can subscribe to the MealSaavy Meal Plan on a monthly basis and have 2 meals available from our menu that has hundreds of items and dozens of restaurants every day. There are multiple plans available for you to choose from such as the Basic plan, where the total cost of the subscription is $150 per month for 30 meals. The cost of 30 meals is covered in the subscription price of $150. A premium plan is also available with 56 meals (2 times a day) for a monthly subscription fee of $275. For students on university meal plans who don’t like their choices on weekends or just want to go for something different once in a while, we have a plan including 10 meals a month for $70. In all of these plans, once the user subscribes, s/he will have access to the entire menu and can choose up to 2 meals a day every day.