Say Hello to Spring!

Hello Cal Bears! Mid-terms are behind us, Spring is in the air! And we are excited to announce that the TooLow Meal Plan hit the ground running  at Berkeley last month and we have seen a great response from students. We have seen students loving the value that the meal plan brings as well as the choices that it brings along with. We are adding exclusive items from restaurants all around Berkeley. We have recently added Momo’s Indian cuisine. The delectable items on offer there go quickly so ordering ahead is a real advantage instead of showing up in hopes of finding out what you want. LJ, the owner and chief chef at Momo’s is as dedicated to his cooking as I have seen anyone in my experience working with restaurants around Berkeley and it is a true labor of love for him. Order at TooLow by redeeming if you are a subscriber or getting the 15 percent discount that you won’t get on the cash register and enjoy!

We are not ignoring the south side though. We already have Shihlin, Abe’s Pizza, Mandarin House and Boba Ninja over there and we have now added IB Hoagies to the list of restaurants serving our customers. IB Hoagies has gone through a revamp recently and have re-opened to some great reviews.

Check out our most famous meal plan option where you get 30 meals a month to be redeemed at anytime for just $150 a month. That is 5 dollars a meal for food that is good quality and served piping hot.

Happy ‘Noshing!!